Monday, August 31, 2009

30 Day Gourmet

I do not do the once-a-month cooking that I see so many of you smart gals doing. But I have always been fascinated by it. I love reading about how you shop once a month and then set aside a day to do enough cooking to store in the freezer to last all month!! I don't remember how I first ran across the 30 Day Gourmet website, but I've been getting their newsletter since I first found them. :)

I've certainly found some great recipes through this site. What I really love about their recipes is they put them in "table form", rather like a chart. It gives the varying amounts of ingredients according to the size recipe you want to make. HERE is an example of one for Freezer Pizza Sauce. It shows the amount of ingredients you'll need if you're wanting to make 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, or 96 servings. They list assembly instructions, freezing instructions, serving instructions, and even nutritional information.

There's a very helpful section called Five Simple Steps to Freezer Cooking...helpful for people like me who have never tried their hand at once-a-month freezer cooking. :) You can search their vast section of recipes HERE. There's a whole section on Freezer Info. It's filled with goodies like: breakfast and lunch ideas, resources for freezer cooking, the rewards of freezer cooking, and much more. I always enjoy their free e-newsletter, which you can subscribe to HERE. And there's even a message board, too!

If you're a once-a-month cooking kind of gal, I really think you'll enjoy this site. If not, but you've always liked the idea of it, go take a look. Maybe it'll motivate you to try it. Like I said earlier, I've always been fascinated with the idea...I just can't get my body to cooperate with it yet. LOL! I think it'd really be nice, on those extra busy days, to just reach in the freezer and pull out a ready-made meal! But then again, I find such joy in being in my kitchen every day preparing a meal for my family. I don't know....maybe I'll try once-a-week cooking sometime. But if I know "me" like I think I know "me"...I'll probably just stick with once-a-day cooking. :) Whatever you do...I can recommend this site. If nothing else, I think you'll find some good recipes here! :)


Melissa said...

This sounds like an interesting site. Like you, I haven't tried once-a-month cooking, and I don't know how well it would work for us. We definitely don't have the freezer space, but besides that, I don't think it's for us. If all of the frozen meals have to be baked in the oven, it's definitely not for us!

What might work is to have some crockpot-ready meals in the freezer. I haven't tried it, but that might be handy.

Samantha said...

Wow, this is a great site, thanks dear Lori !!

Lady Farmer said...

Like you, Lori, I have been interested but never settled down to try once a month cooking! Thanks for the site ~ I'll have to go take a look.