Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Family's Ten Most Favorite Meals

I was discussing with a friend the other day what some of our favorite meals were. That got me to thinking, so I asked each family member what their favorite homemade meal was. Here's what we came up with:
  1. Meatloaf
  2. Spaghetti
  3. Yellow Rice & Sausage Casserole
  4. Crock Pot Pizza
  5. Homemade Pizza
  6. Homemade Biscuits & Gravy
  7. Chicken Casserole
  8. T-bone Steak on the grill (Having cows, we're fortunate enough to be able to put a beef in the freezer every year...otherwise, this wouldn't be on our list!) :)
  9. Barbecue Pork
  10. Homemade Chicken Nuggets

I am in the process of making a master list of all the meals I frequently make...and those I make not-so-frequently. :) This should be a help when planning menus each week. I would love to hear some of your favorite meals. In fact, if you decide to do a post about your favorite meals, please come back and leave your link in the comments section. I would love to read it!


Sandra said...

I am going to ask my family this and I'll post mine too. I know pizza will be on it as well. We too are fortunate to have cows so we get to enjoy steak more often. I would like to know your chicken nugget recipes. I use corn flakes, but I want to find something else that is better.

Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

I'm still working on *finding* our favorite meals! We have some that we like well enough to keep around, but I seem to make a lot of things that we look at each other and say "eh". :>)

Melissa said...

Great idea for a post! My family would put meatloaf near the top of the list, too.

I used to keep a list of dinner options, sorted by the type of protein (e.g., everything with ground beef, everything with pork, everything with chicken). It got lost and I've never tried to recreate it.

Conny said...

I did it! :)

Snow White said...

so much fun! we're working on generating our list too :)

Snow White said...

ours is up --

ps - I like the new look on your site!