Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Freezer Slaw

We have been blessed with big beautiful cabbage this year. And we have been blessed with an abundance of it too! Most of my family does not like kraut so I'm trying to come up with other ways of preserving and using it. I fix cabbage in a variety of ways: fried in a bit of oil with onions, boiled, cabbage casserole, and cole slaw. When I make cole slaw I always use mayonnaise instead of vinegar. My husband does NOT like vinegar...to say the least! :) If I've been using vinegar for anything at all in the house, he always says, "What stinks?" the minute he walks in the door. :)

Nonetheless, since I've got so much cabbage and I don't want to see it go to waste (I've been sharing it too!) I decided to try making some freezer slaw. Yes, it calls for vinegar. :) I tried to pick an *appropriate* time to make it...like when I knew my husband wasn't going to be inside for awhile. :) (I'll post the recipe below.)

For dinner, my husband requested fried fish, macaroni salad, and cole slaw (little knowing I was making the slaw with vinegar in it!). I called him in for dinner....we all sat down...gave thanks...and I watched him as non-chalantly as I could out of the corner of my eye...watching for his reaction to the slaw. Just a note here...when Matt eats, it's mostly face down near the plate. :) You don't see his face again until after he's finished eating. LOL! I watched closely as he scooped up a big bite of slaw and within seconds, his face re-appeared with big shocked eyes and he said, "What'd you do to my cole slaw?" LOL! He was surprised, but after he tried another bite he admitted it wasn't too bad. :) This, folks...is a major miracle! Not only did he eat what was on his plate, but he got a second serving of it! Woohoo!! So here ya go...if you've got plenty of cabbage coming in from your garden...if you're needing a good freezer slaw recipe, I've got just the one for you...

Freezer Slaw

  • 1 cabbage
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 sweet pepper
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 1 cup vinegar
  • 2 cups sugar (I only used 1 1/2 cups at the most)
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 tsp. mustard seed

Chop cabbage, carrot, and pepper. ***The recipe doesn't call for onions, but we like them and have lots of purple (red) onions in the garden, so I added them here*** Cover with the salt and let set for one hour.

Squeeze the salt and water out of the cabbage.

Mix vinegar, sugar, water and mustard seed in 2 qt. pot. Bring to a boil. Boil for 3 minutes.

Let cool. Pour over cabbage. Stir well. Let stand about 3 minutes before placing in freezer.

This slaw has a *crispy* texture and a very good taste! Not sure how long it would last in the freezer. I got three containers....each of them probably about a pint and a half.


Melissa said...

I've never heard of cole slaw from the freezer. Does it need to be thawed, or do you serve it right from the freezer?

LOL because we have the opposite situation with slaw. I like mayo-based slaw, but the rest of my family prefers vinegar. :)

Lori said...

Hey Melissa, you just thaw it in the fridge before you're ready to eat it. If you plan your meals ahead of time, setting the slaw in the refrigerator the day before you plan to eat it would be fine. It really does have a good taste. :)

DarcyLee said...

I always put onion in our slaw, too. I grate just a little of it to get the flavor without any big chunks of it. I'm going to try your recipe next time I have lots of cabbage to use up.

Conny said...

mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm!! I have a cole slaw/freezer slaw somewhat like that - and LOVE it!! Of course, I LOVE vinegar in anything. :) Glad your hubby was able to tolerate it.

Samantha said...

Thanks for the great recipe, we have lots of cabbage also, I will have to try this !

Renee said...

This recipe sounds great! Thanks!!

Stephanie said...

I planted some cabbage and hopefully will have an abundant harvest soon. When (and if) I do, we will defintely try this!

Glad my husband doesn't mind vinegar, I clean my whole house with it! But he hates oregano and if I even try to sneak some in he picks right up on it :)

HOPE said...

What a great recipe! Thanks for sharing...always nice to find something to fix in advance and that's tested and tried!

Nice that your husband approved after your great invention!!


Brook said...

I think I may try this too! My husband will eat slaw with vinegar or mayo, but I'll have to leave out the sweet pepper, or Jason won't eat it. :)

amie_bonn said...

IS there any way I can use a sugar substitute? I am diabetic. And I use truvia. Since I can't get stevia.

Mary H said...

can I ask what kind of vinegar you use in your freezer slaw-Apple Cider, Distilled white or something else

mdhils at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

We as well have cabbage this year and I was hoping I could find a "Freezer Slaw" recipe like my Granpa and Granma used to make. They would have me come over and do the grinding with the OLD IRON grinder that cranked, and I loved every minute of it. I want to Thank You so much for this recipe. It has brought back alot of wonderful, beautiful memories.
God Bless and again Thank You so much.

AnnMarie Jones said...

Hi Lori,, am just finding your blog after searching for
"freezer slaw". I had one my sister used to make but a couple of moves over the years sealed its fate I do believe. Your recipe sounds the closest to it so I'm anxious to get it done having harvested 7 small secondary heads of cabbage a plus off our regular harvest that went into making kraut which we do like. I have but one question when it comes to equivalents. I have what would probably add up to 2 regular (as is store bought) heads not the huge heads our own garden reaped out for us. So do you have any suggestions on how to use your recipe. Should I double it? Your response would definately be appreciated. My hats off to you in your God given/ God ordained really, vocation. ;-) Thanks so much. AnnMarie Jones

A Walker said...

Wow! wow! wow! I love this recipe. I have tried for years to make cole slaw. Never had any good results until now.. I made this recipe this morning. Put up 2 containers, and served the rest with hotdogs for lunch. It was so good. I will definitely be using this recipe again. Thanks
A Walker


Thanks, this looks so yummy and reminds of the older ladies in church and pitch-ins. They made the best and this looks like a winner.
Lord bless you!